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Welcome to Atlantic Rising, an education resource for schools around the world.  This is not a 'scheme of work' but a resource to dip into depending on your curriculum needs and priorities.  You can download links to the National Curriculum for England and Scotland in both Science and Geography, links to after school activities for Eco-clubs and a wide variety of video and audio material for classsroom use.

Each of the site's fourteen lessons plans are divided into:

Starter Video 4 minute video introducing the specific topic.  Each film was made by us on the expedition.
Starter activities short (5 min) activities which build on the starter video and get the class engaged in the topic.
Main activities longer (15-20 min) activities that encourage group and individual work.
Inquiry questions further questions / activities which can be tackled by more advanced students.
Maps and Worksheets which can be downloaded and used by students.


Curriculum Downloads

UK KS3 Geography Curriculum

UK KS3 Science Curriculum

Other great teaching resources

Discovering Antarctica

Royal Geographical Society

Digital Explorer


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