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Atlantic Rising talk at the Royal Geographical Society

Posted by Lynn on 18 August, 2011

Everyone is welcome to our talk at the Royal Geographical Society in London. The date for your diaries is Friday, November 18th 2011. It starts at 6.30pm.

We will talk about our 28,000 mile expedition around the edge of the Atlantic, our climate change research and our education project. We might also mention what it is like to live in a Land Rover with two other people for 15 months, what really happens on a crossing the line ceremony on a containership and how to charm a Mexican policeman. Find out why you really shouldn't let Lynn drive, Tim cook or Will over-exaggerate.

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Atlantic Rising speaking dates

Posted by Lynn on 2 February, 2011

Atlantic Rising has some speaking opportunities lined up over the next few months so please come along and find out about our project first hand.

The first public talk is on April 1st at Queen's College in Taunton, Somerset. The talk is in aid of the Musgrove Park Hospital scanner appeal and tickets cost £12.50 and include a glass of wine and some nibbles. Tickets are available from Anne Bartoby on 01823 461166.

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Atlantic Rising talks

Posted by Tim on 25 January, 2011

Over the last couple of years we have given talks to audiences around the Atlantic Ocean. We have spoken to salty shipping crews and Rotary Clubs, in Liberian villages and celebrated venues like the Nantucket Atheneum. Our travellers’ tales have distracted the most persistent policemen and tickled drunken Prime Ministers. And we have spoken to thousands of pupils in schools across four continents around the Atlantic.

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Aclimatising to the UK

Posted by Lynn on 19 December, 2010

Atlantic Rising is slowly getting used to life in the very chilly UK. I have spent most of the last week eating cheese, telling people the best and worst things about life on the road and walking my dog (not always simultaneously). And we have all been busy talking to journalists, selling kit and thinking about what’s next. I took our precious Beatrice back to Land Rover HQ in Gaydon yesterday and bid her a fond farewell in the snow. So the expedition side of things is definitely over.

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Venturing beyond my doorstep

Posted by Tim on 8 December, 2010

So we’re back and as we slowly catch up with friends and family we are being asked a lot of questions: What was our favourite place? What did we miss the most? How long until the next big adventure? Doesn’t life at home seem very... pedestrian?
Finding something coherent to say in response has generally eluded me over the last few days and I suspect a survey of our answers would reveal a total lack of consistency and an underlying tone of bemusement. London has been overwhelming. I struggled through the London Underground on my way home from the Eurostar terminal at Kings Cross without an Oyster Card, sharing condolences with people up from the country suffering a similar bewilderment.

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At home at last!

Posted by Lynn on 7 December, 2010

Fifteen months, 21 countries and 28,000 miles later Atlantic Rising has returned to the UK. Many thanks to the captain and crew of MV Taiko who carried us safely across the Atlantic and entertained us along the way with strange Norwegian films, lengthy games of darts and Bloody Mary cocktails. We jumped ship in Zeebrugge, Belgium on Friday to take a Eurostar back to London but hadn’t bargained for the amount of snow in Europe.

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Bernie takes the plunge - AGAIN

Posted by Will on 23 November, 2010

After a rest, a tracker re-charge and some minor repairs to his shell, Bernie the buoy is preparing to take the plunge again. Ten months to the day after he was thrown off MV Safmarine Bayete, he will be loaded up into the enormous MV TAIKO, for a three thousand mile journey into the mid Atlantic. And then a quiet plop into the water.

But five weeks at the Equator had taken its toll on Bernie’s shell. When we picked him up in Fortaleza he had a chipped bottom, a loose lid and a strong accompanying smell of fish. The tracker had also worn dangerously low on battery. So over the last few weeks he has been in a spa, getting scrubbed and polished and re-glued ready for his next mission.

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A place so nice they named it twice

Posted by Tim on 23 November, 2010

The bus from the Bronx into Manhatten arrived on the dot of time. I stepped up out of the lashing rain and swirling leaves into the cold stare of the Puerto Rican driver who took one look at the twenty dollar bill I proffered and told me I could not “pay cash”. If I didn’t have a Metrocard I’d have to get off.
I protested lamely and was granted clemency to sit and await someone nice enough to pay the fare for me. I fell into a seat behind an old Jewish man in a crumpled black fedora and great flourishes of grey beard. He looked at me through thick glasses so completely scratched that it was a wonder he could see me at all. 

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Baltimore and back

Posted by Lynn on 22 November, 2010

For the last week Atlantic Rising has been living The Wire. Anyone who has had the pleasure of watching the very brilliant, highly addictive HBO series will have a vivid idea of what life on the corners of Baltimore is like.

Although there are boarded up row houses and CCTV on many corners we have discovered the city is not all drug deals and corrupt cops. Rather than wire tapping and drug running we spent our time in batting cages and smart restaurants, at gigs and on futile treasure hunts in parks around town. We visited the grave of Edgar Allen Poe, Fort McHenry and walked around the Inner Harbour.

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Is Al Gore more useful than God?

Posted by Will on 17 November, 2010

Much of America’s southern coastal regions shouldn’t be densely populated. Florida is a mosquito infested swamp, the Mississippi delta is below sea level, and the Chesapeake bay is still sinking as a result of a meteorite strike 35 million years ago.  But technical ingenuity, stubbornness, and a strong desire for waterfront property has led to the colonisation of America’s vulnerable coastal areas. And many of these areas – Nantucket, Miami Beach, Cape Cod – now have the most expensive real estate in the USA.

As these areas come under increasing threat from rising seas, we have found Americans very reluctant to discuss WHY climate change is happening.  Is it because Al Gore has split up from his wife?  Is it because he travels around in a private plane?  This blog questions whether celebrity culture is doing more harm than good in engaging people in the issues of climate change.  And what does God have to say on the issue?

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