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Baltimore and back

Posted By Lynn on November 22 2010

 For the last week Atlantic Rising has been living The Wire. Anyone who has had the pleasure of watching the very brilliant, highly addictive HBO series will have a vivid idea of what life on the corners of Baltimore is like.

Although there are boarded up row houses and CCTV on many corners we have discovered the city is not all drug deals and corrupt cops. Rather than wire tapping and drug running we spent our time in batting cages and smart restaurants, at gigs and on futile treasure hunts in parks around town. We visited the grave of Edgar Allen Poe, Fort McHenry and walked around the Inner Harbour.

We have been staying in a huge, beautiful house owned by a friendly drummer called Dave, a friend of a friend of a friend who could not have been more welcoming. He and his fellow drummer housemates introduced us to other friends and we have been having a very social time. Again and again on this trip we have met some really great, incredibly generous people – and we hope at some point in the future to repay their hospitality in the UK (or wherever we end up).

Tomorrow we will have to bid our new friends farewell and will head to the port (ref The Wire season 2) to board our ship.
We are heading home on the MV Taiko via Gothenburg and Zeebrugge. We should be in Southampton around December 9th.

See more photos from America here.







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